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 Snap Frame

  • High quality snap frames, imported from Europe
  • Front loading frame, snaps open and shut for easy poster change
  • Matt silver anodized aluminium finish
  • Antiglare, flexible, UV resistant front cover offers poster protection
  • Snap Frames are used for the presentation of posters and full colour prints
  • Snap frames are available in various colours, shapes, profiles and sizes


Opti 420

  • Opti 420
  • Snap Frame Opti 25mm
  • Snap Frame Opti 14mm
  • Snap Frame Opti 32mm
  • Snap Frame Opti 14mm


Product Size Price
Snap Frame Standard A4 R167
Snap Frame Standard A3 R210
Snap Frame Standard A2 R298
Snap Frame Standard A1 R455


All prices exclude vat and are valid whilst stock last. Actual products differ from the pictures.

Snap frame prices and selection depending on availability

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