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X Banner Stand

  • The X Banner is a simple, easy to use, lightweight and very economical banner.
  • Ideal for use in retail outlets, shopping malls.
  • Particularly useful where portability is a requirement.
  • The X banner is available in various sizes
  • Can be printed on fabric or PVC
  • Graphics are connected to the supporting framework using 4 tension poles which fit into the corners of the graphic through eyelets in each corner
  • Supplied with a carry bag

X Banner - Hisense 450

  • X Banner - Hisense 450
  • X Banner - Chubb
Product Size Price
X Banner  1600x0600 R530
X Banner 1800x0800 R700
X Banner 2000x1200 R1164

All prices exclude vat and are valid whilst stock last. Actual products may differ from the pictures.

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