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Alu A Board / Almaki

  • Attractive and flexible in-store messaging
  • Easy poster change, front loading snap frame
  • Double sided, for indoor and outdoor usage
  • The stands are weather resistant.
  • Posters are protected by UV - stabilised anti-reflex foil.
  • Ideal for areas with high consumer frequency to attract attention.
  • Can be used for lobby signs, sidewalk display sign or movie poster holders


Alu A 450

  • Alu A 450
  • Alu A Board 01
  • Alu A Board 04
  • Alu A Board 02
  • Alu A Board 05
  • Almaki 01
Product Size Price
Alu A Board A2 R908
Alu A Board A1 R956
Alu A Board A0 R1800
Almaki A1 R1700

All prices exclude vat and are valid whilst stock last. Actual products may differ from the pictures.

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