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Brochure Sets

  • These brochure set units are an attractive display stand to dispense your company’s literature.
  • Extremely popular in auto dealerships, travel agencies, hotel lobbies and many other businesses.
  • The magazine rack is able to display multiple combinations of literature sizes.
  • The brochure set features rows of adjustable acrylic shelves.
  • Each shelf can accommodate an A4 or A3 size leaflet or combinations thereof
  • Wide range of sizes and different configurations available

Brochure Set

  • Brochure Set
  • Brochure Set - Double Sided
  • Brochure Set for Wall
Product Size Price
Brochure Set single sided 2x4 A4 capacity 8xA4 R2918
Brochure Set single sided 3x4 A4 capacity 12xA4 R3996
Brochure Set single sided 4x4 A4 capacity 16xA4 R4738
Brochure Set double sided 2x4 A4 capacity 16xA4 R4160
Brochure Set double sided 3x4 A4 capacity 24xA4 R5572
Brochure Set double sided 4x4 A4 capacity 32xA4 R7660
Brochure Set single sided wall mounted  8xA4 R2930

All prices exclude vat and are valid whilst stock last. Actual products may differ from the pictures.

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