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  • Perfect for outdoor all day events
  • High visibility gives fantastic brand exposure
  • Portable, compact and versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Full colour digital print on canvas or polyester coated fabric
  • Provides shade for protection from the sun and shelter from the rain
  • Includes the frame, canopy, tool kit, and canvas carry bag

Gazebo 450

  • Gazebo 450
  • Gazebo 02
  • Gazebo - Coffee
  • Gazebo - ER24
  • Gazebo 04
  • Gazebo 450
  • Gazebo 05
  • Gazebo - Coke
  • Gazebo - Render
  • Gazebo 03
  • Gazebo 3m x 3m
  • Gazebo 4.5m x 3m
  • Gazebo 6m x 3m
  • Gazebo Corner close up
  • Gazebo Leg close up
  • Gazebo Canvas Bags

Gazebo Frame and Canopy

Size Frame Type Size Option A Option B Option C
Medium Aluminium 3m x 3m R7556 R8329 R9254
Large Aluminium 4.5m x3m R9760 R10710 R11849
X Large Aluminium 6m x 3m R12683 R13912 R15386
Small Steel 2m x2m R4284 R4664 R5117 
Medium Steel 3m x3m R6341 R7114 R8039 


   Gazebo Wall   Option A Option B Option C
Small 2000W x 2200H 2m x2m R1048 R1268 R1532
Medium 3000w x 2200H 3m x 3m R1528 R1858 R2254
Large  4500w x 2200H 4.5m x3m R2248 R2744 R3338
X Large 6000w x 2200H 6m x 3m R2968 R3628 R4420

All prices exclude vat and are valid whilst stock last. Actual products may differ from the pictures.

Product Notes

  • Gazebo leg height: Max 2.2m, min 1.85m
  • Pole diameter: 32mm for the steel frame and 40mm for the aluminium frame
  • Collapsed gazebo height : 1.58m

Canopy Notes

  • We are able to offer various canopy options depending on your requirements and budget
  • Option A - includes a standard colour canopy without any printing (standard colours white, black, navy - only)
  • Option B - includes a standard colour canopy with your logo or branding printed in full colour on the colour canopy
  • Option C - includes the canopy that is printed digitally in full colour with any logo, design or colour of your choice   

 Side Wall Notes

  • The same printing options are available as above
  • In addition please bear in mind that the Gazebo can be set at 5 different height options, the minimum being 1850mm and the maximum is 2200mm.
  • Typically then the wall height that you require can be manufactured and printed accordingly

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