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Lightbox Exhibition Systems

  • T3 is the perfect modular display framing system, designed to provide easy display solutions in a variety of settings.
  • Designing your T3 Modular System is easy – the flexibility of T3 Modular means that you can have whatever features you want and because
  • T3 Modular's flexibility means that your design is not limited to a set list of component parts. Incorporating height, width, curves of any diameter, lighting, shelving and storage into your design has never been easier. And because T3 systems are modular you can reuse individual elements time and time again in whatever combination you need.
  • T3 Modular is easy to put together in a fraction of the time normally required to build a display system. You don’t need expensive skilled labour, you can do it yourself without any specialist tools or equipment. T3 Modular is also easy to store, everything packs away quickly and neatly, which means that storage space and transport costs are reduced.

Lightbox Exhibition Systems 06

  • Lightbox Exhibition Systems 06
  • Lightbox Exhibition Systems 05
  • Lightbox Exhibition Systems 02
  • Lightbox Exhibition Systems 07
  • Lightbox Exhibition Systems 03

All prices exclude vat and are valid whilst stock last. Actual products may differ from the pictures.


  • Unbeatable versatility for all your display needs
  • Small stands or large sets
  • Reusable time and time again
  • No tools or skilled labour
  • Curves, lightboxes, storage and shelving
  • Connect, twist and lock – that’s it

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